Your pets are part of the family. At Wejeco Pet Hotel, we know that, and we make them part of our family too while they’re here—whether they come for a day or spend a whole vacation with us.


Daycare offers your pets a supervised, cage-free environment to play and enjoy their time. Dogs are separated into one of three play areas based on compatibility in terms of size. Sizes include the following small, medium, and large. Daycare is available every day from 9:00 am to 10:00pm.
Your little pet friend will enjoy coming to Wejeco Pet Hotel and spending the day at Wejeco Daycare. Not only do we offer an indoor play area, but we also offer an outdoor one too! Rubber flooring is used indoor for joint
comfort, and EasyTurf artificial grass is used outdoors for your pet’s wellbeing.
Our first priority is SAFETY. All our canine dogs are separated by size and nature. Both Dogs and Cats are supervised, at all times, by staff members.



Day Stay is offered to dogs that are in need of special attention or those that are not very social. A few examples of dogs that might need this include shy dogs, females in heat, unneutered males, senior dogs, and dogs that do not cope well with others. A luxurious suite is available with two 30-minutes playdates with our staff members. It is available from 9:00 am to 10:00 Pm. This package includes a luxury suite stay with more than one potty and play break. A staff member will always be available with your pet at all times.
A list of pets that might need this package includes
1. Extremely shy pets that cannot socialize with other pets.
2. Pets that tend to be hostile and aggressive when placed in new environments with new pets.
3. Senior pets that have problems in moving around.
4. Males that have not been neutered.
5. Females that are in heat.

WPH also offers a Day Stay program for cats that want to play and make new friends during the day. A private, classic suite is available for an hour of playtime each day with our staff members. It is available from 9:00 am to 10:00 Pm.

First time at WPH? Download our new guest forms here and either email or bring them in prior to your first visit.
P.S. All our staff members are certified in First Aid


Who doesn’t enjoy spending their day being pampered, taken care of, and simply spoiled! Here at WPH we offer our canine and feline pets the best grooming services at our indoor spa and salon.



This room offers your dog the best relaxing and tense-freeing full body massages.


   +374 55 441115 


Wejeco Pet hotel offers an excellent solution for your pet’s care when you’re traveling or having a hectic work schedule. If you want your pet looked in on in the middle of the day for a “pit stop” or friendly pet walk, WPH is here for you! Your pets will remain safe and happy in their own surroundings. If your pet needs extra attention, love and care, call Wejeco Pet Hotel today at  +374 55 441115  to learn more about our services.

   +374 55 441115 



Wejeco Pet Hotel is here to make your pet more comfortable in their own home by providing regular visits to feed and check in on your pets. In addition to meals, we administer medication, if necessary, and walk the pet in the morning and evening.



Provides a ground transportation service for Your pets. We offer both group and private transports at competitive prices. Our service offers convenience for you, picking up and delivering right to your door. You can trust that while on board with Wejeco Pet Hotel Taxi your pets will receive the unique attention they deserve while on their way to their destination. We know that only the best will do for your pets!

About Our Service

Our experienced staff will ensure that special member of your family is given special care while on the road.  Your pet will safely travel in our climate controlled passenger car. Cats will have a litter box in their crate.  Dogs will be walked regularly during the trip; puppies too young to walk will be kept clean.  We supply everything needed during transport, except for food.  Our attentive drivers stop frequently to walk, feed, water and tend to each pet’s needs one at a time.  We never leave your pet unattended day or night.  We provide a comfortable and stress free environment for your animals.  Your pets can stay together and travel together while on their way to their destination.